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Our house point system is a partnership between teachers and students. We hope to have this system to help EVERY student have a place to belong, be supported and be successful. We have 5 houses that are named after our Whole Brain virtues.


Students will earn points during monthly competitions and by demonstrating whole brain virtues. Example, Susie shows courage and is in the house of kindness. You want to give her a house point. The house point would go to Susie’s house, House of Kindness.

Competitions will be new this year. One Friday each month, students will dress in their house colors and compete against each other in many activities. These competitions will be held during the activity period. However, some classes may choose to have competitions during recess time. For example, have all the houses in your grade/class line up and do a relay race. The house that has the most wins will earn a point, or each house that wins can earn a point.

Our 5th grade leaders will record the points in the display cases by the cafeteria. This will let students know which house is in the lead each week.

Dress Up Days

Throughout the school year, we will have many opportunities to get together with our house members, and to dress up to represent our assigned house. HNCE teachers will post dress up days on their weekly newsletters and on the HNCE PTO Facebook page. On dress up days, students may wear whatever they would like in the color of their house. Wigs, glitter, facepaint, tutus, socks, etc. – all are acceptable on dress up days! We will even compete to see which house can show the most spirit! If your child does not want to dress up, that is fine.


There will be a reward that will be awarded to the house with the highest total points at the end of each semester. Examples include: Crazy Sock Day
Hat Day, Pajama Day, House Color Day, and Team Sports Day.

Meet Our Houses

We have 5 houses that are named after our Whole Brain virtues.

House Of Courage
House Of Creativity
House Of Grit
House Of Kindness
House Of Leadership

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